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Event List

Most of this list is automatically generated, it shows events that have yet to happen and can therefore be blank towards the end of the year when the summer events are over and the next year's not yet released.1)

If you would like to receive warning orders for events by e-mail then you can join the mailing list 2)

Date Event Type Organiser Status

The status column has the following meanings:

  • Confirmed = definitely happening and I've had details from the organiser
  • unconfirmed = very likely to happen and I've had information from a reliable source
  • probable = may happen, but not absolutely certain it will go ahead as no contract signed
  • rumour = just speculation from some usually reliable sources (i.e. worth letting you know about just in case).

If you know of any events / possible events, please contact me (James Kemp) as soon as possible. Thank you! Submit a new event

Colonel John Fox's events page, part of the Fairfax Battalia of the Roundhead Association in the English Civil War Society. This diary lists musters for Colonel John Fox's Regiment of Foote and is as accurate a Calendar of events as I can muster. Most of the information has been supplied by the Commanding Officer of the Fairfax Battalia with only a few snippets from other sources. All errors are my responsibility and there is no guarantee that any event advertised here will actually take place.
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