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Mid-17th Century History

This page is a splash page for a colection of articles on various bits of C17 history. Some of these are learned pieces written by academics specialising in the period and others are bits that various people have gleaned over time.


This section has a collection of biographies.


For the big narratives about what was going on, either high wide and handsome grand sweeps of the course of nations or reportage of specific happenings1).

  • Overview of the civil wars - note that there were several distinct wars in the period that everyone thinks of as 'the English Civil War' and that these wars involved Ireland, Scotland and Wales in addition to England.


Descriptions of how the armies worked, the weapons they used and the tactics employed.

Everyday life

Bits of history around every day life from the period, like how poor relief worked, or how to make soap and things of that ilk.

Big Ideas

The 17th century was a time of massive social upheaval in the UK and there were lots of thinkers with some very big ideas, many of them well advanced even by today's standards - let alone by C17 conventions. The sort of thing for this bit is the Levellers, ranters, coventanters, explaining the various religious sects etc.


From 1642 to 1660 Parliament continued to sit, albeit with various purgings and some new elections during the period. It passed a number of ordinances and Acts during the period, none of which received Royal Assent but were none the less implemented at the time.

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like the execution of the King
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