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Membership of Fox's

Anyone can join Fox's

All we ask is that you have an interest in mid 17th century history and want to have fun making that history come alive. We try our best to do that as well as it can be done. We also like to have the odd party and sing-song when the public have gone home. Our current plans for the 2016 season is to try and show more social life at living history events.

We have an active Fox's Facebook page where we share info, plan for future events and generally chat.


We're a UK grop and our members come from all over. Events tend to be across England & Wales. There are regular trips to the Netherlands and less often to Scotland. So it doesn't really matter where you live, we have members all over the place, including one in New Zealand!


You don't need any kit to start with. We have spare kit and if you enjoy it then we will help you find good sources for what you need.

How we work

Fox's is a social club which tries its best to be open & transparent in how we are run. We have a number of officers (see Who's Who in Fox's for details). We also have a constitution that outlines how we do this. We pride ourselves on the level of democracy and transparency, and our low tolerance for internal politics.

Fox's is a part of two umbrella groups.

  • The Fairfax Battalia with whom we share most of our events and have some really good friends.
  • The Roundhead Association (which together with the King's Army forms the English Civil War Society). The Roundhead Association organises the insurance and Major Musters to which all of the ECWS is invited. There is an additional membership fee for the RA which needs to be paid in addition to the membership of Fox's (if you want to physically attend events).

Fees & Forms

The 2015 season is now closed, and 2016 membership rates and forms will be available early in the new year.


There is an annual membership, those under 16 are free and those over that age need to pay £10 - Fox's membership form. You also need to join the Roundhead Association (see below).

If you are interested in joining and have never been a member then please use the contact form or make contact by asking to join Fox's Facebook page - make sure you tell us why you want to join so we can tell the real people from the spammers though!

Roundhead Association

For up to date details see the RA Membership page. Here's the 2016 Roundhead Association membership form. Send both forms (one for Fox's and one for the RA) with your fees to the address on the Fox's form.

The 2015 rates were:

  • Single adult £20
  • Family (all adults & children at the same address) £30
  • Concessions (unwaged and over 60s) £15
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