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Colonel John Fox's Regiment

We are a modern Re-enactment group with members all across the UK and a handful overseas. Our group is a member of several larger groups with whom we co-operate on a regular basis to stage medium and large events. Mostly we co-operate with the other regiments of the Fairfax Battalia with whom we share almost all our Event List.

The group is named after Colonel John Fox who was one of the Parliamentarian defenders of Birmingham. This choice reflected the fact that the regiment was formed largely from a bunch of students who were studying at Birmingham university.

Fox's are part of the Fairfax Battalia which is one of the foremost English Civil War military history groups, regularly putting on displays for prestigious sponsors and undertaking film work. The Regiment (& the Battalia) regularly put on living history events across the UK. These generally consist of any or all of:

  • an encampment where facets of 17th Century life are shown for the public,
  • a Drill display showing the practiced postures of the Gentlemen Pike and the smelly banging of the rude mechanicals in the musket,
    • a skirmish with our friends from Royalist regiments.

What goes on at an event depends on what the sponsor wants.

Most re-enacting events take place from April to September although there are events outside this period. All forthcoming events will be added to the Event List Page

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