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This is an implementation of dokuwiki which is a collaborative web platform that allows people to edit web pages to provide additional content.

Please register and then try and add useful and informative pages yourself. The main theme of course is the history of the mid seventeenth century in the UK1) from about 1630 through to 1660. Mostly we're interested in social history of people between 1640 and 1653 and usually we stick closely to the period 1645 - 1651. However anything that would be of interest or could be tangentially related is welcome.

If you've stumbled here by accident then knowing a little bit about Colonel John Fox's Regiment would probably be helpful. We are a Re-enactment group that specialises in the period of the English Civil Wars (although in reality these involved all of the UK). Mostly what we do is one or more of the following:

Many of the links so far are stubs, feel free to explain it more in your own words.

There is also a C17 Civvies e-mail list for discussion of civilian oriented Living History.

Comments and complaints to me at please.

James Kemp

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i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as the UK then was
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