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Who's Who in Fox's

Dave McLoughlin - Commanding Officer

The CO represents the regiment at meetings; act as an officer when required in re-enactment events; chair the AGMs and generally try to keep people informed, organised and happy.

I have been in re-enactment since 1969 and was one of the large bunch of long-haired hippies who dropped out of the SK to found The King's Army of the West and, eventually, the Roundhead Association. Sad to say there are very few of us left who are still involved today. I joined Fox's some time in the 1990's after being talked at by Kirky for several hours non-stop! But I had been associated with Fox's since the late 1970's when luminaries such as “Porridge” Robin were around.

I have been in several regiments through out the years, but they all had one common theme; the people in them were extraordinary, talented, great fun, caring and kind. And Fox's fits that bill to perfection; a most excellent blend of the delightfully ridiculous to the supremely sublime! Fox's works hard and likes to play fairly hard too, well sing and drink hardish anyway! I am very proud to be a member of a regiment that reminds me of such groups as the Diggers and Lord Saye and Seles, and hope to continue serving the regiment as CO for some time to come…right, stoke the barbecue and let's have some Kingly flesh!

Paul Stinton - Second in Command

no pic yet The most important part of the 2IC's job within the regiment is to ensure that the CO at no point tries to give away the homeworld to the Klingons. That and trying to ensure that things get done, that people turn up to events so we field good numbers, that the CO has the support he needs before and during an event and that people in the regiment have someone who they can turn to for assistance if Muttley is not there.

James Kemp - Sergeant

I am currently the Sergeant in charge of muskets. I have been a member of Fox's since 1995 or 1996, I can't really remember the date but I do know that my first muster was definitely the Major at Rowton Moor in Chester. My first event was particularly memorable in that as a novice pikeman I was ridden over by a troop of cavalry. Later in the campsite I witnessed an act of revenge that saw Washy was covered in Thai fish oil, he was then forced to dress as a woman as no-one would lend him any spare kit. Then in the middle of the night, after a few beers, he burnt his hand at 3am. Nevertheless this wasn't enough to put me off and I stayed with the regiment, which has grown ever more staid and serious over the years. I have tried my hand at most of the things that the regiment and battalia do and am rather keen on living history and things that go bang. I'm always up for doing yet more new things and I particularly like the scripted civilian weekends we've been doing, see the Oakwell Hall events for examples.

I hold some regimental muskets for both Fox's and Devereux's as well as being able to act as powder officer if required at events.

Steve (Muttley) Rutherford - former Commanding Officer

mutsposh.jpg The man who used to carry the can (or at least emptied it now and then).

I've been in Fox's since 1995, I think. Memory fails. My first event was a weekend of filming for one of the videos in the Royal Armouries museum. Fox's has always struck me as a cheerful, warm, friendly, sociable and effervescent bunch of people. We have our fair share of historical boffins; but we also enjoy life and don't take ourselves too seriously when we are not actively re-enacting. On the field or in the living history, however, Fox's provides some of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, talented and serious members of the Fairfax Battalia. I am proud to be the CO, and always have been. Want to join in? Drop us a line!


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