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Anyone Can Take Part

You don’t need to be a historian to join in, and it’s lots of fun!

Who are we?

Fox’s outside the Black & White House Museum in Hereford

We are all volunteers with no special qualifications, other than a keen interest in history. Our hobby is fun, family friendly and we’re very social. Our group contains children, students, nurses, teachers, project managers, drivers, civil servants and a couple of historians and archaeologists.

Do I need anything?

You don’t need any kit to start with. We have spare clothing and equipment and if you enjoy the experience then we will help you find good sources for what you need to carry on having fun.

How do I find out more?

Talk to one of us, we’re always happy to explain things and help people try new things. If you want to join in then you can either

  1. email and we’ll send you details. {NB this is the best option as the spammers have worked out how to fill in the form}
  2. fill in the form below, please let us know how many of you there are and what interests you most about joining in so that we can make sure that we are as helpful as possible!
  3. Find us on Facebook and chat there


Red Horse by M.J. Logue [Period Fiction]

Red Horse by M.J. Logue My rating: 5 of 5 stars Red Horse is set at the beginning of the First English Civil War in 1642. The primary characters are Captain Hollie Babbitt and his young Cornet Luce Pettitt. Babbitt is a grizzled and damaged English mercenary back from the continent to fight for Parliament. …

Living History Symposium

I was fortunate enough to be one of the select few speaking at the English Civil War Living History Symposium at Pitchford Hall this weekend. There were several fascinating talks all aimed at deepening our understanding of 17th century life and also how we deliver Living History events. My thanks to Sue Sampson who organised …

Writing Good Living History Characters for Re-enactors

This second post in the living history series is on creating good living history characters.  The previous blog post was on the five steps for scripting living history events, of which creating your living history characters is the fifth step. Living history events are a sort of promenade theatre with a lot of improvisation. Re-enactors …

Write for John Fox

Anyone can write for John Fox, all we ask is that it is relevant to the period and is a contribution to our understanding of life in Britain during the 17th century or how to re-enact it. Any relevant content is welcome.

What to write for John Fox

The primary topic 17th Century living history. We take a broad view of that, anything potentially relevant to that is likely to be accepted. This could include an analysis of the causes of a civil war, an overview of what happened, a biography of a key person, an account of a key event, or some other facet of history from the period. We also like reviews of books, movies and TV programmes about or set in the 17th century. It helps us to know what is worth reading or watching.

If in doubt have a browse and see what has already been published. If that doesn’t help enough then please ask (see form below).

What we want is:

  • your own work, we cannot publish anything that has been plagiarised
  • work that shows its references and sources (so that others can go find out more if they are interested, and to acknowledge where you have built on the work of others)

How to write for John Fox

There are two options for members to get material on the blog.

1. If you are happy to use wordpress you can have an account as a contributor, which allows you to draft the post yourself and it will be reviewed before it is published (so we can tidy up formatting, add links, tags and pictures).

2. You can contact us to put the material online for you. I’ll automatically create a contributor account for people so that the posts have the correct author attribution, but you don’t need to login and write your own if you don’t want to.